Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo 11






Anadolu Üniversitesi

Eskisehir, Turkey




Anadolu Üniversitesi

Eskisehir, Turkey



Aim: This two-hour workshop aims to provide participants with foundational knowledge about NVivo 11. To achieve this, the tools that used in the program will be explained with examples during the workshop. 

Content: Introducing NVivo and its interface, setting up a project, importing and coding documents, working with your themes and ideas and shaping your findings, importing and coding other items, exploring your data, classifying and categorizing data, exploring and visualizing your data, analyzing social media datas with NVivo, reporting and presenting your findings.


  • In order to follow the workshop, the participants may bring their own personal devices/ laptops. But we suggested to upload and setup demo version of NVivo 11 first.
  • The workshop will be set for two hours.
  • There is no limit for the number of participants.
  • The workshop will be taken place in the computer lab.
  • The date and time of workshop will be announced later.





Eye Tracking and Learning



Engin KURޞUN

Ataturk University

Erzurum, Turkey 


Aim: This workshop aims to introduce eye-tracking technology to participants and provide answers about how to use eye tracking data collected in teaching and learning studies. 


  • How eye tracking technology will work?
  • Which areas will use eye tracking technologies?
  • What are the limits of these tools?
  • Which calculations can be done with eye tracking technology? What kind of data can be gathered?
  • How this data can be used in learning studies?
  • How do we interpret human cognitive process with using data gathered from eye tracking technologies?
  • What kind of eye tracking studies have been completed so far in the field of learning?


  • The number of participants is limited to 30.
  • The workshop will be set to 1,5 hours (two 45 minute sessions ).



Video Game Design Workshop 


Game designer Gamikro cpmpany is one of the companies sponsoring the ittes 2016 symposium, still continues to produce games. You can download the games on the android and ios market by using the links on the web page.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Devkan Kaleci

Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey



  • To learn video game content.
  • To learn video game process and components.
  • To develop a video game at basic level. 



  • Intro to Game Design
  • General overview to Unity 3D
  • Terrain Editor for Games
  • Game Engine Features
  • Game Objects
  • Import to Assets in Game
  • Light Mechanism in Games
  • Animations in Unity Games
  • User Interface for Games
  • Scripting in Unity
  • Result and Discussing.



  • The number of participants is limited to 15.
  • The workshop will be set to 1,5 hours (two 45 minute sessions).



The language of  all workshops will be in Turkish.


Video Game Design Workshop 

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