Firat University, Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department

General Information and History In the 1998, within the frame of Reform of Faculties of Education in Turkey, Computer Education and Instructional Technology Departments were founded by The Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey. Firat University Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology started to education in 2004. The department is located at the Campus. 2 Associate Profesor 5 Assistant Professor, and 4 Research Assistant is currently working in the department.

 Purpose The basic aim of the department is to equip students, with up-to-date knowledge about computer and other information technologies, required for K12 computer teachers. Graduated students of the department can be employed in public or private schools taking part in The Ministry of National Education, as teacher, instructional technologists, or academician in the universities. Programs Offered The Department offers B.S. degree in computer education and instructional technology. The undergraduate program is designed to gain B.S. degree in computer education and instructional technology, including teaching certificate. Graduates are qualified to teach in basic education schools and high schools. For B.S., students are selected by Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) according to the students’ score in the Student Selection Exam (YGS-LYS). About 60 students are admitted to the department each year. The duration of the program is 4 years. Students must pass the entire course and obtain a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.00 before they can graduate. The official language of instruction is Turkish.


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Activities in 2015-2016

1) Prof.Dr.John Keller-Motivation and ARCS Motivation Model in Learning and Teaching Process (9-10 October, 2015) 



2) Prof.Dr.Tristan Johnson- Learning Analytics and Team Mental Models for Team Learning (07 March, 2016)




3) Graduation Ceremony (02 June, 2016)








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